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Usually Asked

Below are some questions
we’re often asked

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Do you serve a vegetarian option?

Our menu is very limited to burgers but we do offer a grilled cheese sandwich!

Can I take-away?

Indeed you can. You can order online from any of our restaurants.

For delivery try

How does the queue work?

We use a queuing app so people don’t have to wait around at the door like suckers. You give your name and number to the waiter at the door and we will text you when your table is ready. You can also check where you are in the queue whilst you go off for a drink (responsibly).

If you come and see a few empty tables, do not worry! These tables are being kept for people in the queue. They are likely slurping the end of a pint in a pub somewhere and on their way back. They are not being kept for VIPs.

Offsite catering?

Unfortunately not for the moment.

Do you have a student deal?

We do! We offer a single burger/cheeseburger, shoestring fries and a soft drink for €13. This offer is valid Monday – Thursday from 2-5 with a valid student card.

Do you sell gift cards?

Indeed we do. They are available on the website

Where does the food come from?

All of our meat is provided by FX Buckley. They source for us Black Aberdeen Angus from farms in the midlands, none more than 200km away.

Our buns are made in our friend’s bakery in Naas, Co Kildare.

Our potatoes come from John Madden, a veteran of the Smithfield fruit market.

Why don't you use a machine to make your patties?

After extensive research, we decided that the only way to make our burgers was by hand. This maintains the integrity of the meat that mechanical production destroys. It also means that each burger is inspected by hand.

Why do you mince in each individual restaurant?

This is the best way. We control the production. We know exactly what goes in to every burger. And, we can guarantee freshness by controlling how often we mince the burgers. This is the key to tasty burger.

Needless to say it is hard to mince in every restaurant. We do all of our mincing in a cold room that is below 5 degrees. However, we feel this is essential to quality control.

Do you add anything to your burgers?

Only salt and pepper, seconds before it goes on the grill. Adding salt any earlier can alter the texture of the meat.

Do you have gluten free options?

We have a gluten free bun for 50c extra. Please note, we can’t guarantee that burgers served with a gluten-free bun are gluten-free as we work in an environment that has other gluten-based products.

Where do my tips go?

We add a service charge to tables of 8 or more. 100% of all tips, gratuities and service charges received are fully distributed to staff in line with the Payment of Wages (Tips and Gratuities) (Amendment) Act 2022.

Do you care about the environment?

We carbon offset all of our beef. Once we had opened 3 restaurants we felt guilty about our success. We identified beef production as the most environmentally impactful part of our business. So, we assessed our impact and fully offset it for every burger we sell.

Who owns Bunsen?

Bunsen was started by cousins Tom and Finn who were born and live in Dublin. They opened on Wexford St in 2013 and still work in the business everyday.

Would we franchise?

Not for the moment. We enjoy running the business ourselves for now and have a great team.